Angela Longo

    Certified Holistic Health Coach

    Angela Longo

    Certified Holistic Health Coach

    Even though I am now a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy woman who is happily married with three beautiful children and a great life, it has definitely not always been this way. My childhood was full of tears and stress and dysfunction. I became a young mother at the age of 21 and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 23.


    Prior to being diagnosed, I did not know how unhealthy my body was. I didn’t realize that years of stress coupled with eating nothing but fast food and lots of sweets had deeply affected me. I struggled with chronic sickness, allergies, acne, hormone imbalance, and endless worry and fear. Dermatologists told me that the food I ate had nothing to do with my acne nor the hormonal imbalance, and doctors focused more on treatment than prevention. However, regardless of what the doctors said or did not say, I knew I had to make a change, or I was going to be sick (literally) and tired for the rest of my life!


    This is where my journey to better health and overall wellness began. After years of endless research on my own and improving my own health, I enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I also became fascinated with the healing powers of the mind and became a Proctor Gallagher Consultant specializing in Thinking Into Results, a program that has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.


    Because of my journey and knowing how challenging it can be to sift through all of the conflicting information on wellness and almost none of it for people who have an absent or completely non-functioning thyroid, I have dedicated my life to helping others through this journey. It does NOT have to be a struggle and you CAN take back control of your health.


    If you are someone struggling to feel whole again without a thyroid, and you’re ready to let go of excess weight, body aches, sluggishness, brain fog and so many other unnecessary symptoms that are holding you back from living the life you love, click the button below to get your free starter kit, and please feel free to connect. Let's get you and your hormones balanced, so you can look and feel your absolute best!

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